5 Things NOT to do in Amritsar.

Amritsar is one of the most visited cities of Punjab. Home to the Golden Temple this city attracts thousands of travelers from around the world. Foreigners might have trouble getting used to the traditions and rules of the local society. Dominated by Sikhism, still one of the youngest religions in the world, Amritsar is also home to the world’s biggest Kitchen. There are some things that you should avoid doing during your visit to the holy city.

Entering Golden Temple in Shorts.

The most common mistake people make in summers is trying to enter the temple in shorts. It is not allowed under any circumstances to enter the temple in short even if the outside temperature is more than 40 Degree celsius. If you get to the entrance of the temple in shorts you will be stopped by the guards at the gate. In most cases the people who come in shorts ultimately have to resort to buying Pajamas or Jeans from the nearby market.

The reason why shorts are not allowed is because Golden Temple is a religious place and not just a tourist destination, so the religious rules will need to be followed while entering and witnessing the temple.

Being Late To Wagah Border Ceremony.

One of the other common mistakes people make is that they don’t reach the Wagah border on time. What you have to understand is that there is very tight security at the border and you have to go through multiple checkpoints to finally reach the stadium in which the evening retreat ceremony takes place. So you should add at least 30 minutes on your timeline on the time it will take to reach the border apart from the driving time. The timing of the ceremony keeps on changing with the seasons so make sure you are updated on the current timing at which you are visiting.

Missing the local Homestays.

Punjabis are famous for their hospitality. They are known for treating their guests as gods. A common mistake travellers make is that they stick with the famous hotel brands and completely miss out on magical homestays that the city has to offer. Not only will you get to know the locals you will also get to indulge in their food and lifestyle. There are a number of websites which can help you find a great Homestay Example Airbnb, Planet Amritsar Inc. Etc.

You can use these websites to book your stay in advance.

Not Hiring A Guide.

Amritsar is very rich in culture and history, Being home to the center of Spirituality of Sikhism. Usually the tourists only scratch the surface of this great city by only Visiting the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and the Wagah border ceremony. There is so much more to the city, so many unique places with so much history that one should witness in order to fully enjoy the great city of Amritsar. Hiring the right person to show you around the city and to help you get to the right places is a must do. 

Not Volunteering at the Golden Temple.

Golden temple is home to the world’s Biggest Kitchen where they feed around 80000 people on an average day. The number goes up during the weekend days. The most common fact missed by the travelers is that anyone can volunteer at the kitchen. In fact that is how the kitchen runs, by volunteers. The total number of appointed employees managing SGPC amounts merely 2 percent to the total number of people working the kitchen at any given time of the day. So if you are visiting Amritsar it should be on your bucket list to volunteer at the world’s largest Kitchen.

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