About Planet Amritsar Inc.

Our Origins.

Planet Amritsar was founded by Amritpal Singh Gill in 2019. He wanted to share his culture and religion with rest of the world, and what could be a better place than the Holy city of Amritsar. Home to the Famous Golden Temple, this great city was birthplace to this amazing initiative. Ever since than Planet Amritsar Inc. has hosted countless guests from different parts of the world. welcoming them to new experiences and friendships. 

PLANET AMRITSAR at its core believe in experiences and not just tours. Exploring a city thorough the eyes of its locals indulging in their food, traditions and languages is one of the most magical ways to travel and learn. When you book an experience with him, prepared to be amazed and awed to your core.

Our Vision.

Our services catered to explorers and adventure seekers, are one of a kind and not easy to find. We bring special activities which you can't do on your own. While we enjoy exploring the city with you we firmly believe in Responsible Travelling. We have gone out of our way to implement this in our experiences, keeping in mind how we carry out our everyday activities. Responsible Travelling in simple sense is understanding your affect on the places and people you visit. Once you understand your affect you can try and make that affect a positive one. You can read more about Responsible Travelling here. 

Meet the Team



Ram singh.

Born in Amritsar, Ram loves traveling and catching moments in his lens. He is the photographer of the pride. He knows all the labyrinth styled narrow alleys of Amritsar where everything is connected and there is no dead end. He will show you some of the hidden hole in the wall places which you never would have found on your own, he has been exploring the city for more than 15 years.

Gurinderbir Singh.

Being the most dependable person Gurinder is known as the Muscle of the pride. You need anything done at any hour he is your guy. He loves reading and spends most of his evenings at Gurudawara sahib. He has been taking care of the guests for more than 6 years and comes highly recommended.

Amritpal Singh Gill.

Amrit is the Visionary of the pride. Being a gifted storyteller he will take you on journey with his anecdotes and historical lectures. He loves road trips and exploring the city with the rest of the pride. He has been hosting experiences of more than 5 years.

Karan Marwaha.

Karan lives in the heart of the city with golden temple being just few minutes walk from his home. He has been exploring the city for more than 15 years. Being the financer of the pride he will help you with all the financial side of adventures.

We have number of other heroes who help us in making your experiences as magical as they are, we also consider them an important part of our team.


How To reach us. 

Mobile - +91-8569077776

WhatsApp - +91-8195077776

Email - Contact@planetamritsar.com

Address - Commercial Site 1A Airport Road, Amritsar, Punjab IN. 143001


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