Best Place To Eat Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsar is a beautiful city located in the heart of punjab. A culture and tradition rich place where people are welcoming and friendly. It is also home to the Golden temple, one of the most visited places on the planet. People come from all over the world to visit this heaven on earth. There are also other places like Jallianwala bagh and Wagah border which attract some visitors, but none of these places are comparable to the Golden Temple.

People who live in Punjab are called punjabis, and punjabis are famous for their food and valor. Whenever there was a need of fighters in the country, either it is Kargil war or Jammu clashes, punjabis have given their lives for their country. There are many famous foods in Amritsar who are exclusive to this city. Prominent among those are Amritsari kulcha, Papad and Bhatore chole.

Amritsari Kulcha.

Amritsari Kulcha is one of the most delicious foods you will ever taste. Made complimentary with Chana sabzi that is a cuisine made of white chickpea. It basically replicates a normal chapati but unlike chapati it has layered form, is more crispy and is filled with stuffings that are made of potatoes, onions and coriander leaves. A kulcha is subject to spices and chutneys and stuffing that is used. The flavours of each kulcha is changed with variations in these.The traditional filling of kulchas are either spiced mashed potatoes or crumbled paneer or Indian cottage cheese. A generous dollop of butter is added on top of it. A good kulcha is crisp outside while the stuffing inside is soft, moist and flavour-packed, leading to a multi-textural and multi-sensorial culinary experience. Do let them cool down a bit before you bite into them.

Where to Eat ?

Since it is a famous food, you will find kulchas being served in every corner of Amritsar. The key is to find the right place. There are few chefs in the city who have been serving kulcha since decades. They learned to cook kulcha from their parents. To them kulcha is a traditional food, an art. Below are the one of my favourite and the most original kulcha places in Amritsar.


  • Monu Kulcha Hut - Situated at Loharka road, Monu kulcha hut is one the most famous and oldest kulcha shops in Amritsar. I remember the first time I visited the place back in 2005. I had never tasted kulcha so good and so crispy. There side cuisine called ‘chole’ were really exquisite. Although there have been many copy cats of this place on Loharka road, I would recommend asking a local to point you towards the original restaurant.
  • Ashok kulcha wala - Ashok is located at Ranjit avenue A-block market. Their kulcha is one of the crispest that there is. They have a lot of variations available with different chutneys, so if you feel like the menu is confusing ask the chef to surprise you. One problem here is that you have to wait for the table to be vacated by other customers. But nonetheless it is a great place for a early morning kulcha bite.
  • Harbans kulcha - It is located in Green avenue. If it is too hard to find, just ask your toktok driver to take you there. Most toktok drivers know the location of this place. Just like ashok kumar kulcha wala, this place has many variations available for you to choose from. I would recommend trying aloo wala kulcha with extra Amul butter.
  • Things to eat with Kulcha.

    A kulcha is made with real passion, sometimes the flavours get out of hand. Especially for the westerners who are not used to eating food with such strong flavours. My advice and personal favourite to go kulcha is ‘Lassi’. It is like a skimmed version of skimmed milk. It is usually available in two variantes, sweet lassi and masala lassi. I personally order sweet lassi. 

    You can compliment the entire meal by choosing the right dessert. My recommendation would be Gulab jamun or Jalebi. Both will leave you craving for more, and a sense of flavour that your tongue had never before tasted.


    Kulcha Recipe.

    Think you can make Kulcha at home? You can read a detailed recipe here.

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