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Amritsar is a very lively city which welcomes thousands of tourists each year. Being home to the spiritual center of Sikhism it holds enormous history and stories within. Most of the travelers who come here miss out on a lot of things which make an essential part of the city.

Usually tourists visit the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah border ceremony and think that they have covered the entire Amritsar. But the truth is far from that, there are dozens of other places which they miss which would have made their visit even more magical. The best solution to this problem is to hire a local person who knows the ins and outs of the city and helps you experience it on a deeper level. But is it worthy to hire a person to guide you through the whole process? We will discuss that below.

Why Hire a Amritsar Guide?

Hiring a guide gives you an opportunity to experience things on a much deeper level. When you travel halfway across the world to an amazing foreign city you are alien to its languages, foods, locals and their stories. The fastest and the easiest way to indulge yourself into all this magic is to hire a local himself who can help you be at the right place at the right time, who can show you all the hidden spots which the tourists miss out. You get to enjoy the offbeat real experience of the life of locals, their beliefs and their anecdotes. But who is the right person to hire as a guide? And that brings us to our next point

Who is the right person as an Amritsar Guide?

The right person to hire as a guide is the one who was born and brought up in the city. In simple words a person who has spent an enormous amount of time living and exploring in the city. Amritsar is a very small city but it is very very rich in foods, languages and traditions. The city consists of hundreds of narrow alleys connecting with each other like a labyrinth. One could easily get lost in these streets, let alone find a hidden traditional restaurant which has been in operation since last century. Amritsar is also Home to Golden Temple the spiritual center of Sikhism. It would be shame for a person to visit Amritsar and yet not learn anything about Sikhism. That is why your guide should be a local born who knows the city like back of his hand, and he should also know a great deal about Sikhism so that he could introduce you to this wonderful religion.

Why Hire a Amritsar Guide From Planet Amritsar Inc.

At Planet Amritsar Inc. all our guides and local born Sikhs. They have spent their entire childhood exploring the narrow alleys of the city, and with this knowledge they will take you to some real hole in the wall places which you would have never found on your own. They will tell some of the greatest stories about the city, different corners, legends and traditions and give you a crash course on Sikhism. All while you are enjoying your vacation and getting to know the local foods and languages and the way of life in the holy city. I mean who is better to tell you about Sikhism than a Sikh himself. We also come highly rated with more than three hundred 5 star reviews and an award of excellence from our guests.

How can I Hire a Amritsar guide?

To hire a guide you can simply contact us here. Or book some of our experience directly from our website.

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