Is it safe to visit Amritsar after the recent Sacrilege Event ?

After the Recent Sacrilege attempt at Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple) a lot of the travelers are wondering if it is safe to visit Amritsar in the coming days. The answer simply is that it completely safe to Visit Amritsar, The temple is still open to all the visitors along with the langar kitchen. There are some things that you should take care of though.

What happened in Amritsar?

On late evening of Saturday 18th of December a man Jumped over the secure railing at Golden temple trying to perform a Sacrilege act. He was caught by the SGPC members and devotees who were there while the evening prayers were being performed at the temple. The man wan killed by the angry Devotees, due to which his identification is still a mystery since he was not carrying any Id card on him.

Things to Remember while visiting Golden Temple.

  • The management has prohibited people from taking any photos, even from the side of the holy lake so make sure that you don't take any photos.
  • If questioned by anyone from the management be polite and explain yourself in hindi or English since these two are the major used languages other than Punjabi.
  • Try to carry your ID with you so that if somebody from the management asks for it you can simply show it to them, which would put them at ease.

If you want an updated info about the dates on which you are visiting you can contact us.

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