What is the Meaning of SEWA ?

Meaning of ‘SEWA’

SEWA refers to the Selfless service or work done for the community. It is one of the core fundamentals of Sikhism. When one does SEWA he or she doesn’t look for anything in return, it is simply done for others. If you ever visit a sikh Temple or Gurudawara you will find a number of people doing different chores from cleaning the floors to washing the utensils in the kitchen.

SEWA is one of the most beautiful concepts that you will ever come across. The founder of sikhism Guru Nanak dev ji brought forward the first three key principles which were to be followed by all the sikhs, These were Kirat kro, Naam Japo and Wand ke Shako. To understand these principles we have to look at them one by one.


Kirat kro in its simplest sense means earn your living. A sikh has to earn his living through honest means instead of begging or stealing someone else’s money or food. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or a rickshaw puller, you have to earn your own living.


Naam Japo means remember the gods name. So while you are earning your living you have to remember that god is watching over you. He is a witness to your deeds and actions. It should remind you to be kind to others, help those in need.


Wand ke shako means share what you have. At the end of the day/month when you receive your wages/food you always try to share and help those who are less fortunate than you. Hoarding wealth or being a miser should always be avoided.

Importance of Sewa.

SEWA holds a very significant place in Sikhism. It is through Sewa that one can redeem himself of his bad deeds which he did when he was ignorant about the ways of sikhism. A person can also alleviate himself to great spiritual heights by doing SEWA.

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