Witness Golden Temple Without Waiting In A Queue.

Golden Temple being the holiest sikh shrine has travelers coming to it from all over the world. Thousands of wandering souls walk into the temple everyday and get a glimpse at what sikhs call heaven on earth. While the temple is mesmerizing, there is a huge queue to get into the main temple. On an average it takes anywhere from half an hour to two hours to get inside the temple depending on the time of the day and festivals. Things get intense in the summers when the temperatures are unbearable during the afternoon and the only thing protecting the waiting devotees from the direct sunlight is a sheet of clothing tent structure.

Is it possible to enter the Golden temple without waiting in a queue ?

Technically Yes, the management there allows people to enter without the queue via the exit route but you need to provide a valid reason for the same. There are two sewadars always standing at the exit who make sure no people try to enter through the exit without permission. Even when allowed, They don’t permit continuous flow of people to go into the temple through the exit. You might have to wait for a few minutes until they give you a green light to enter.

What are some valid reasons to which they allow you to enter without the queue ?

Some valid reasons which are accepted for you to use the exit route to enter the temple without and queue are follows -

  • You or your fellow traveler has a disability where he or she cannot stand in the queue.
  • You or your fellow traveler is of very old age and cannot bear the waiting period of the queue

How can Planet Amritsar Inc. help ?

While we cannot provide any VIP pass for you to witness the temple. We can show you the spot from where they allow you to enter the temple if they think your reason is valid to enter without a queue. We can also answer any other questions you might have regarding Golden temple. You can contact us here.

Feel like giving any suggestions or feedback write to us at feedback@planetamritsar.com

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