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4 Day Himalayan Adventure

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Our Himalayan Adventure will start from Delhi Airport from where you will catch a flight to Amritsar. It will be a 4 day adventure, the experience includes Meals, stays and transportation. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. we will spend our days as follows-

Day 1 (Amritsar)

We will spend our first day exploring the Holi city of Amritsar. We will visit the Big three - Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and the Wagah Border. The day will also include a food walk into the hidden old city of Amritsar featuring some century year old restaurants and diners.

Day 2 (Dharamshala)

We will travel to the beautiful city of Dharamshala, also known as the yoga capital and home to the infamous Dalai Lama. The city is covered from all sides by the mountains and provides a majestic view of the Mighty Dauladhar Range.

Day 3 (Mcloedganj)

We will Start next day with a trek up the mountains which will lead us to the top of triund. The journey to the top is nothing but magical and when you reach at the top you will see a blanket of clouds beneath you. We will camp here for the night on top of the mountain and enjoy campfire and stories from fellow travelers.

Day 4 (Decending from Triund)

We will get down from Triund and will reach Mcloedganj Main square. In the evening we will make our way back to Amritsar from where our Whole Adventure started.

 If you need a custom availability date for the experience, or the available dates are not to your convenience, you can contact us. we will see if we could host an experience with time that suits your schedule and is convenient for you. 

The starting point of the experience can be either Delhi or Amritsar you can let us know whichever is convenient for you.





(Contact for Custom Place like Amritsar/Mumbai)



(Total Distance covered 600KM)


4 Days 



What's Included.

  • Transportation 
  • English Speaking guide/Storyteller 
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks)
  • Permits, Taxes and Tickets.
  • Photos taken by your Guide