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Amritsar In a Day Experience

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What you'll do.

Golden Temple (4am-8am):
Golden Temple, without a doubt will be the most peaceful place you will ever visit. The aura here calms your soul so effortlessly. A symbol of human brotherhood where people of any race, color, Gender are welcomed and treated equally. This Central religious place of sikhs is a sure way to balance your peace and show you the beauty of humanity.

Jallianwala Bagh (8am-9am):
A monument of national history where British army shot and murdered Men, women and children. The place had been preserved as a symbol by community, where bullet holes on the walls are still visible. It is just a 2 minute walk from the Golden Temple.

Hall Bazaar(9am-12pm):
The oldest and biggest market of the city. Dating back to the 1500s, the market contain all types of shops and shopkeepers. A adventure in itself.

Visit to Village(12pm-4pm):
A visit to a punjabi village, where you will experience Amritsar from a true Punjabi's perspective. A walk among crops, picnic under a 100 year old banyan tree, and a ride on a local bus if you feel like it.

Wagah Border(4pm-8pm):
Country border between India and Pakistan, where 'Lowering the flags' ceremony is performed daily. The ceremony witness people from both sides of the border.
Other things to note
1) I am capable of modifying the experience so that it is convenient to your available time in the city, so that we could be at the right place at right time.

2)My goal is to give you memories that are timeless and friendships that last a lifetime.

What's included.

  • Food (Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch)
  • Drinks (Non-Alchoholic)
  • Transportation (Air Conditioned SUV)
  • VIP Passes for Wagah Border Ceremony. (Foreign Nationals Only) 


4:00 AM

(Contact for Custom Time)


200 Km 

(Driving + Walking Distance)


16 HRS 




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